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What to Consider When Choosing a Labeling Machine?

The labeling machine comes after the filling machine and the lid-closing machine when it is desired to create a production line. After closing the covers of the product being filled, the row comes to the labeling machine. At this point, the selection of the labeling machine becomes an important issue for the companies. Labeling machines are divided into various types. These; various machines such as automatic labeling machine, bottle labeling machine, jar labeling machine, round bottle labeling. Therefore, you must choose whether the product container to be labeled is compatible with the label maker. For example, you cannot carry out the labeling of cylindrical containers with square and flat labeling machines. When choosing a labeling machine, if you do not have any information, you can consult the company you are interested in, or you can do research about labeling machines from the internet. Decide whether to buy a fully automatic labeling machine or a semi-automatic labeling machine. Since the label length of the labeling machine is important, this must be known. Finally, you should know how many labels per minute the labeling machine will take and you should take into consideration that it meets your needs and pay attention to this issue.

Decide which label to choose first! Cylindrical labeling machine, square and flat labeling machine ...

Then decide whether it will be a semi-automatic labeling machine or a fully automatic labeling machine.

Always observe the label length of the labeling machine at this stage.

And finally, find out how many labels per minute

Cylindrical Labeling Machine;

Cylindrical labeling machines can be used to label all containers with cylindrical structure. Machines such as bottle labeling machine, plastic labeling machine, jar labeling machine are the ideal labeling machines for cylindrical labeling machines. Cylindrical labeling machines are divided into semi-automatic cylindrical labeling machines and fully automatic cylindrical labeling machines.

Corner and Flat Labeling Machine;

Corner and flat labeling machines with a corner or flat form can be done labeling of containers. These machines are divided into semi-automatic labeling and fully automatic labeling machines as the cylindrical labeling machine.

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