Bereketsan's general manager Bülent Altınak, who has been serving the machinery industry in various companies since the early 1995's; In line with the domestic and international sales volume, the company has started the institutionalization process in accordance with BEREKETSAN Makina İthalat İhracat San. and Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti. The company continues its activities in filling, closing, labeling and production of various packaging machines. CHEMISTRY and COSMETICS industries, especially machines, FOOD and filling industries are widely used in filling and cover areas. Our main machines we have produced are as follows; Semi-automatic filling machines, including various types,

fully automatic filling machines, semi-automatic and fully automatic lid sealing machines, tube filling machines, acid filling machines manual, semi-automatic and full automatic acid or acid-free detergent filling machines,

conveyor belts, special project machines are in the production program of our company and are manufactured in accordance with the modern technology of the day.

Turkey, our customers also use our machines abroad as our customers in various provinces in the country, especially in many large companies engaged in production of various topics bulunmaktadır.firma we always find that more and better quality ones starting moving from the principle of doing and on-site without sacrificing the same principle With its experienced technical staff, we continue to serve our valued customers.


- Keeping customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction at the highest level

- To provide products and services that are recognized among nations beyond the quality concept determined by our customers.

- To improve the quality and control system by dynamically implementing the preventive actions of the errors that may arise to improve the machines and equipments that give confidence to the customers respecting the environment

- To provide an ergonomic working environment to improve the performance of our trained and experienced employees

- To respond to customer demands and expectations in a complete and timely manner in order to maintain market share stability

- To follow the technological developments in the sector to achieve the best in the quality of machinery and equipment

- To act together with employees, customers and suppliers in order to increase the quality of our services with the machines and equipment we produce.

As Bereketsan Makina, we are proud to take a big role in the career goals of the companies with the machines we produce every year for different companies.

We observe that Bereketsan Makina plays an important role in the advancement of these companies' career goals by starting with the feedback we receive from the works we carry out with our business partners both at home and abroad with the special production machines we produce worldwide.

10th Business Partners in Turkey and Abroad ...

Our company is located in Istanbul and has many business partners at home and abroad. You can reach our list of business partners in many cities and in many countries through our "references" section or by clicking here.

Accreditations and Certificates

As Bereketsan Makina, all the machines we produce have conformity certificates. These documents can be found on our website under "documents" section. Some of these documents; British Certifications Inc. ISO 9001: 2008, British Certifications Inc. ISO 14001: 2004, British Certifications Inc. OHSAS 18001: 2007, British Certifications Inc. ISO 10002: 2004, etc.

Strong Infrastructure and Expert Staff ...

As Bereketsan Makina, we do not continue to serve with our expert staff and strong infrastructure in order to ensure that the machines we produce are at the highest level and without any problems. After-service customer satisfaction is the most important growth strategy of our company.

"All authorized personnel have at least 5 years of experience in the field and are absolutely specialized in the work they are involved in."

Secretary (1), Accounting (3), Graphic Designer (1), Finance (4), Draftsman Design (4), R & D (8), Turner (4), Milling (3), CNC Milling (3), Drill ( 3), Assembly Team (7), Sales and Support (3), Technical Support (2)

Our Services

Filling Machines

Capping Machines

Labeling Machines

Foil Pasting Machines

Packing Machines

Special Production Machines

Spare parts

Quality in Service ...

Bereketsan Machine has a separate department and specialist for each job and process. The experts are able to adapt to our own structure by closely following the innovations and developments in the sector. For all the procedures, please refer to the relevant department.

Working Principle of Bereketsan Machine in 7 Steps:

1. Listening and Learning Customer Demand

2. Design Planning According to Customer Requests

3. Designing the Planned Design

4. Production of the Project

5. Quality Control of Produced Machine

6. Assembling the manufactured machine

7. Service Support for the Produced Machine

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